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Strength to Heal Trauma

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Strength to Heal Trauma  is here to provide you with individually tailored psychological trauma therapy and other services to support you in your healing journey. 


Going through very stressful, frightening or distressing events is often referred to as trauma.

I believe that recovery from trauma is possible by understanding how trauma has changed our brains and bodies and engaging with the necessary tools to reverse those changes. As human beings we are resilient and have the ability to heal. Sometimes we need support in achieving those changes. 

I offer one to one therapy, assessments, group interventions, teaching and workshops. I can offer sessions both online and face to face in Newcastle upon Tyne.  More information is available on the what I offer page

More Information

Green Forest

What is Trauma?

Psychoeducation about different types of distressing experiences.


The impact on brain & body

Find out how trauma can have a significant impact on brain, body and emotions.

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What I offer

Information about the services that I offer.



“With Jenna’s help and the tools she taught me to use I am now comfortable with things and the fog has been lifted.”
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