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Types of Trauma

As mentioned earlier many distressing events can lead to psychological trauma so there is not an exhaustive list. However, this page will introduce some additional information about some types of trauma. 

Types of Trauma


Domestic abuse 

One of the most distressing things about being a survivor of domestic abuse can be dealing with other people's attitudes. So many myths surround the issue of domestic abuse. One myth is that domestic abuse is only physical when in fact psychological abuse and co-coercive control is often a pre-dominant feature and may happen with or without physical violence.   There are other myths such as the person would leave if it was that bad, domestic abuse only happens in poor families and that it only occurs in heterosexual  relationships.  Another myth to highlight at this point is that "the abuse stops when the relationship ends" because the reality is that coercive and controlling behaviour does not always end on separation. In fact separation can be a high risk time as the behaviour is likely to escalate, often resulting in stalking and in some cases homicide. ​In addition, if you have children together then there will be some form of contact and therefore further opportunities for the abuser to continue the abuse. These and other myths surrounding domestic abuse keep the problem going.  


The power and control wheels below capture the range of abuse that can occur in relationships.























































There are some links below that could help facilitate a better understanding of domestic abuse and support you or someone you know who may be in an abusive relationship. If you are looking for ways to heal following an abusive relationship the links should also provide some resources. 

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